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Trusted Primary Care

At Doctor's Office & Urgent Care in Live Oak, Florida, our husband and wife duo strives to deliver top-notch primary care to children eight years and older, adults, and seniors. We offer care for acute illnesses and a variety of chronic diseases, including:

Consultation- Primary Care
• Arthritis
• Joint Pain
• Weakness
• Anxiety 
• Depression

Preventative and Promotional Health

Coordinating your health is crucial to preventing future hospital visits. Our specialists work with you to screen for different diseases and develop a regimented plan, keeping you from falling ill. Diseases screened for include:

• Prostate Cancer
• Breast Cancer
• Colon Cancer

• Cervical Cancer
• Skin Cancer

• Heart Conditions
• Strokes 

Make an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment in advance, the day of, or on a walk-in basis. For your convenience, we accept most insurances as well as self-payment. First visits are $100 and follow up appointments are $50.

Contact us in Live Oak, Florida, for more information regarding our primary and preventative care options.